Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Pet Peeve And Other Tidbits

  1. Many of the talk and morning shows have devoted segments to super-saving Moms who are magically able to cut their grocery bills down to nothing through the power of coupons and planning. Just this morning a Mom on ABC's Morning Show took home $267 in groceries for literally one penny. Why does this bother me? Simple. WITHOUT EXCEPTION these moms are taking home bags and bags of processed foods. They always show a pantry stash, and it's always full of junk. Where's the advice for people like us? We do NOT eat processed foods, preferring to eat clean, healthy and organic when possible. does drive me crazy when I see these segments. I'm sure I could save a bundle, too, but somewhere down the line my children would pay for it.
  2. I've lost some time this week to some pretty serious headaches. Those of you who see me regularly have permission to badger me until I make an appointment with my acupuncturist.
  3. This week I've had several conversations with friends about weddings. Sorry Mom and Dad, but I have huge regrets when it comes to my own wedding. While I did get some things that I wanted, by and large the day was more about my family's wishes than my own. (To be fair, they paid, so I shouldn't complain.) Someday when I have tons of money I hope that my husband and I can renew our the ceremony that I wanted.
  4. There will be a post later on today about my super-spiffy kid, the Princess, and her super-spiffy recent achievements.
  5. Knitting an old-fashioned cabled pullover in a basic wool is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered when the fall greyness triggers one's Seasonal Affective Disorder. (Never officially diagnosed, but come on....we've known about it since my freshman year in college.)
  6. I'm fighting my hair and fashion again over what makes me feel the most me. When I was 2ish, Mom started braiding my act which she did most every day until I went to college. Consequently, I feel the most myself when my hair is pulled back off of my face and tucked up into some sort of twist or bun. Nope, it's not at all fashionable and is probably not the best look for me. (If I'm honest I look best when my hair is short and highly styled.) BUT, it makes me feel good. This bears some thinking...
  7. My trainer would like me to work out 6 days a week, but that just might not happen. Saturdays are the only day I don't have to go anywhere, and on Sundays we are busy with church related stuff from morning to mid-afternoon. This also bears some thinking.
  8. I love my brother to pieces. He's the greatest brother in the world, and I hope he knows it.
  9. I made it on to my favorite podcast! My natural nerdiness prompted me to write a response email to a recent podcast entitled, "Why Are Women So Attracted To Vampires," on "Stuff Mom Didn't Tell You," which is produced by the website How Stuff Works. I enjoyed the show, but felt that their portraits of a couple of recent female characters - Buffy and Bella - were very flat and actually quite wrong. (The hosts admitted they weren't familiar with either.) They are going to read portions of my email on an upcoming podcast, and my nerdy heart is very happy about that. My husband has been teasing me about my newfound fame.

Gotta go.....More later today!


Anne said...

Yes - sounds like your acupuncturist visit is FAR overdue. Get thee to your specialist!

Can't wait to see the gray pullover. I have been doing nothing on "the list" of things I should be doing this week, and thoroughly enjoying it. :)

Jackie said...

Amen, sister!! Those people are always pasty and unhealthy looking, and are sustaining their families on instant mashed potatoes and artifically flavored and colored mystery food.

Where are my coupons for organic vegetables and brown rice?

A Day That is Dessert said...

This is quite a list! If it's any consolation, I don't think I know anyone whose wedding was exactly what they hoped it would be. Your idea of renewing your vows at some point is good - you can re-appropriate the day for yourself.

Congrats on the podcast, famous friend!

I hate those money saving pitches, too...they can make people feel guilty for buying healthy food.

I can't wait to read about the princess and I am so glad you have an awesome brother! xoxo

ps - I wish we lived in the same town - I feel the urge to meet you for coffee...