Thursday, October 29, 2009

My Super-Spiffy Kid

Every Friday the Princess comes home with her Friday Folder - which is filled with all sorts of interesting things, from her weekly behavior chart to completed assignments to classroom newsletters and school correspondence. This last Friday I opened her folder to find a certificate which said,

Your Princess
has been selected to receive the award for
on Oct. 29th at 9:30
Thank you for all of your hard work!
You can imagine the tears when I read those words. I was so very happy and proud to receive that certificate!
OF COURSE! my husband and I attended the assembly this morning, as did his step-mother. The three of us were delighted with the Leadership assembly, and had a wonderful time. Fourth and Fifth graders led songs, did cheers and spoke from the podium about why we were there. The VP presented a slide show, and also played a video of a skit performed by another group children. 50 children from Kindergarten, First and Second grade were all given the Leadership award for Respect, each getting a moment to walk across the stage. Afterwords, we went back to the Princess's classroom for a quick photo with her teacher, Mrs. Snyder. We could tell that our girl was proud of herself and understood that this was indeed a very big deal.
Congratulations Princess! We are so proud of you!


Jenny said...

Congratulations from me too! She is a delight to have in weaving class and I'm sure Mrs. Snyder is very pleased to have her in class too.

Hooray for G!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Oh my goodness - congratulations to the princess!!! You should be a very proud mama...what a good job you're doing.

On another subject...I can't seem to find your email address - will you send me your mailing address - I'd like to send you something. leciaandalexi at yahoo dot com.

Happy Halloween!

Anne said...

Congrats! THAT is an award to be super proud of, and I know you are already proud of her. :)