Monday, October 12, 2009

The Monday List

I went through last year's pictures from Halloween, and was STUNNED with how much my children have grown in just one year! My baby isn't a baby anymore, and my big girl really is a big girl now. Sigh.

We're back to a regular week, and so we're back to a Monday List!

  1. Prepare for my P.E.O. meeting on Thursday. We'll be welcoming a new member, and I have a lot of work to do to prepare for the evening.
  2. Finish the lime BSJ sets so that I can show them off at guild on Tuesday night...and then put them in the mail on Wed. I'm quite happy to say that I finally found the perfect buttons, and so I can finish with a happy heart.
  3. Finish up my secret project for the designer and overnight it on Tuesday. I'll be happy when this one goes out the door. Big needles plus cotton yarn equals a lot of horrible strain on my hands!
  4. Take the kids for seasonal flu shots and schedule a haircut for my shaggy self.

  1. Finish my Deep in the Woods shawl....because it really needs to be done.
  2. Keep working on my beaded lace stole....or possibly cast on a new beaded lace shawl. I would really like one to wear for my 10th anniversary at the end of the month, and I just might be able to pull it off if - and only if - I pick which one I want this week and then get to work.
  3. Transfer my embroidery design to its permanent home...and then start to work!
  4. Start a colorwork hat....or really just a hat of any sort. I don't have a cute hat, and I find that I really want one.

  1. Find a new journal. It occurred to me this week that I was ready to start a new one....and the expected freak-out began. The process of selecting the next one is always fraught with drama and stress.....and so I'm giving myself a fairly healthy amount of time to think about it before the old one is used up. Don't's an important decision.
  2. Schedule a couple of visits with old friends who have new babies...doesn't that sound like fun!

Have a great week everyone!


A Day That is Dessert said...

It makes my heart ache to see your girls a year ago; they are all growing up before our very eyes. Good luck finding a just right (or should I say write :) journal. And the baby visits sound like something to really look forward to!

fleegle said...

At least your ugly is almost finished. I haven't heard from the designer and there's still half the thing to go. Ugh.

Paula said...

Oh, the little one has certainly changed a lot. Have fun with those baby visits!