Monday, July 6, 2009

The Monday List

I had a bit of a giggle when I looked back at last week's list. Silly me!

The follow up is very simple:

Yes, I did some spinning prep. Tomorrow I will be posting more on that subject, along with my goals towards Le Tour de Fleece. Yes, I organized my books and let my husband return them to their sad, lonely spot in the back of the storage area. Further cleaning, though, gave way to an impromptu reorganization of the girls' area in the basement. It's pretty spiffy! Yes, I did a story/day, and I learned something interesting along the way. Yes, I took steps to further improve my health....and I feel really good about the things that I've done. I think that will deserve a post of it's own later this week as well.

Now, on to this week's exciting list!

The Needs:
  1. First priority on my health....and as I said, there will be more on that later.
  2. Spinning! It's time for the Tour, and I have some exciting things to do!
  3. I need to do some finish work that's been languishing for too long in my basket.
  4. Finish up the swatches for my Princess Shawl and make a decision on the yarn. I'm very, very close to that decision...
The Wants:
  1. Letter writing...I LOVE letters!
  2. Clean up my blog. She needs a bit of cosmetic work....
  3. More work on the basement.
The Wishes:
  1. I just bought a silly, inexpensive little watercolor set, and I'd just love to play with it!
  2. Paint the bedroom.
  3. Do a bit of decorating.

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A Day That is Dessert said...

I hope everything's ok with your health!

I'm eager to see what you do with your watercolors - I really liked what you've posted in the past.