Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is the last little bit of the first half of my silk.
I could spin silk forever.
Once I finish up this tiny bit, I face a crossroad of sorts. I can go on with my original plan, switching out bobbins and spinning the rest up for a nice two-ply laceweight. This is my first silk, after all, and I can always buy more later (possibly in other colors).
I can spin up the rest of the silk on this bobbin and order a second hank of silk for the second bobbin of singles. That way I would have twice the finished yarn for a much bigger lace project. Yes, it's been almost two years since I bought the silk, but because of the color variation I don't think it would be a problem.
What do you think?


margene said...

Small lace shawls are very handy, but if your desire is for a larger project go with another color for a contrasting ply.

quantumtea said...

First up, 2-ply laceweight! I'm mighty impressed, I can just about get down to a 2-ply fingering weight.

Get some more silk! It looks gorgeous. I have issues about stuff being on my wheel too long, but I suspect it's a just my impatience... Wearing handspun silk turned into knitted lace would be wonderful.

Jenny said...

Get some more silk! I don't think color variation will detract. The colors of the yarn on the bobbin are so lovely, and spinning silk in summer is so pleasant.

Do your girls like the playground at Stephens Lake? We could meet there for some public spindle-spinning while the girls play.

Anne said...

I would say buy more silk. Because if you love it plied up and ready to knit, and you don't have a good match for the smaller yardage, you'll be sunk. With more yardage, you have increased options (which I'm all about), and you could always make a scarf or other small item for a gift with the leftovers.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I think it's beautiful - can't offer an opinion about the crafting end of things :)