Monday, July 27, 2009

The Monday List

The follow up from last week is very simple. There were, after all, only two things from the Needs and Wants list that I didn't complete - I didn't catch up on posting projects, and I didn't do any finish work from my basket. All in all, it was a successful week!

  1. I cast on the third and final baby set, and I'd like to work through it as quickly as possible. The baby shower isn't until the last part of August, but the sooner it's finished, the sooner I'll feel free to move on to other projects.
  2. Likewise, I feel that my knitting is snarled up in general. I need to either finish up a project in my basket or I need to figure out what would help move things along. A new project? Reworking something that's already going on? Hmmm....
  3. Clean up the blog. I hadn't realized how many things I needed to attend to until I had a good look at it yesterday. Yikes! I'm going to include some general project catching-up in this one.
  4. Start working towards a daily spinning practice - even if it's only a few minutes/day. My yellow jersey adventures have reminded me that I'm perhaps a spinner first, and I feel that I really need to make it a stronger part of my life.
  5. Get my sleep schedule back in line. I've had two horrendous nights, and I can't afford to let that derail the rest of my efforts!
  6. We'll be going to my parents' home this weekend, and I see a trip to the lake trail at Watkins Mill as an absolute necessity!

  1. To figure out how to alter the time/space continuum so that I have more hours in every day with which to work on my crafts. Just kidding. Sort of.
  2. To write something, anything. My journal has been neglected sorely for the last month, the story/day project was abandoned and I haven't written any letters. Sigh.
  3. Break out the art supplies. They need to be used rather than tucked away as too precious to touch. Funny how fear will do that to a girl.
  4. Start working on some knitting design projects. I have ideas. They just need to come out of my head somehow.

  1. There just might be another Golding in my near future....
  2. Fixing up/painting/decorating our bedroom. It's bugging me again.
  3. Some sewing, perhaps. My BKB is starting to sew, and while I already know I'll never have any sort of passion for it I do have some things I'd like to work on.
Have a great week everyone!


quantumtea said...

There's a brute of a writing challenge coming up in November if you're interested: National Novel Writing Month. 50,000 words in 30 days! I'll be writing my sixth this year and it's a hoot, especially if you get with your local NaNoWriMo group.

Hubbty got me a custom Tudor Rose Golding as a birthday present, it is a wonderful spindle.

Good luck with the sleep, I know what that's like.

Angela said...

that's quite a list!

your drop spindle is beautiful. i'm a big spindle spinner, and my father made all of my spindles - i'll have to ask if he'd make me one like yours. what kind of metal is the whorl made of? does it spin pretty fast?

i linked to your blog on my post today - your knitting (and spinning) are always an inspiration!