Monday, July 20, 2009

The Monday List

Jumping right in with both feet...

  1. Spinning for the Tour!
  2. Finish reading for the Tour!
  3. Call about having fiber processed. (I totally want my yellow jersey!)
  4. Catch up on posting projects.
  5. Continue focusing on my health priorities, because my goodness I feel good!


  1. Finish a second baby set.
  2. Start the third - and last - baby set.
  3. The finish work from the basket - especially redoing the skirts on the girls' dresses.
  4. To start getting up earlier on a regular basis. I miss my early morning quiet time.


  1. Design work...hehehe....
  2. Clean bedroom and closet.
  3. I'm debating contacting a few friends from high school. This needs some thought, but could be helpful in the long run.

Short and sweet today....Have a great week everyone!


Jenny said...

You sound so energetic and upbeat. You have a great week too!

A Day That is Dessert said...

You sound ready for the week ahead. The question about contacting old friends or not is an interesting one for all of us on some level, I think... happy Monday!

Anne said...

Please remember a bit of time in there for... you know... sleeping, eating and breathing. Whew! What a list!