Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Gifts Are Piling Up!

I managed to get a photo shoot in this morning, so I thought I would finally give you proof of Holiday Knitting.First up, the February Lady Sweater for the Princess. Based on measurements from other clothing, I believe I'm about half way down the body. I'm basing the size on Princess's denim jacket with 3/4 sleeve. It's a size too big, which is what I wanted for the sweater so that she would have room to grow.
Pixie's Tam.
The Princess's Tam.
And the Pixie's socks. Once again, they are just Ann Budd's basic sock pattern, this time made with Mountain Colors leftovers from my stash.
I have a mountain of work to do today, so no links. If you are curious, you can find project details at www.ravelry.com. My Ravelry name is KPiep!
I promise better pictures after the items have been gifted, when I have live models!


A Day That Is Dessert said...

Beautiful - I love the colors too! I feel downright lazy when I see posts like this.

Paula said...

You are coming right along on your projects!