Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

All the Pixie had to do was to show up and look pretty...
But her sister has been working on our Christmas pageant for close to three months, and she took her duties very seriously this year. Last year she was nervous, and it took weeks to get her to join in.
This year she volunteered for lines and had a great time through the entire process.
First she was a singing, dancing sheep...and an awfully cute one at that.
After a quick costume change, she became one of the kings. Included in her lines was the doozy, "I've just had an epiphany, we need to follow that star!"
In all honesty, these four little troupers took the play more seriously than the older kids, and so their lines were delivered with a sincerity that was heartwarming. They stole the entire show, and I am proud of them all!

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Margene said...

Your daughter is very talented. Not every kid wants to be on stage or do such a good job.