Monday, March 2, 2015

The Monday List!

None of our pets can resist a good sunbeam...but this rather took the cake.
Good Morning!  And Happy Monday to you all!  It's a new week, and that's a lovely thing.  I'm in a mood to get things DONE today, so let's get right to it, shall we?
  1. Blaze of glory...heh...yeah, right.  I did hit my first goal of one piece/day...but I did not hit my second goal of doubling my output this year.  And I have a couple of cards yet to get in the mail....we'll blame all of the errands and such I had to do last week.  Right. 
  2. Nada
  3. Spring cleaning did continue, although not at quite the levels that I'd hoped.  Still, it's progress.
  4. Keys are still missing.  I'm feeling like an idiot. 
  5. Oil change DONE!
  6. Vet trip DONE!  (This may deserve an entire blog was kind of a Big Deal.)
  7. While I did buy the jazz shoes, I find I don't care about actual shoes.  This may just be a make do sort of winter.
  8. No progress on the sweater...but I have some good reasons, which I'll talk about in a post soon.
  9. Sunday Spinning came back yesterday!
  10. My creative space this week was filled by a lot of browsing through books and the stash toss.  While on the one hand that doesn't feel all that productive, on the other hand it's really, really helpful when it comes to getting the creative juices flowing.  Ideas, ideas, ideas.  What do I still love?  What have I changed my mind about?  What am I attracted to now?
And for the lovely week to come:
  1. I have to call Gord Lendrum, the maker of my spinning wheel.  My wheel developed some issues about two years ago that have yet to be resolved.  In fact, my happy spinning time yesterday happened on my daughter's wheel after a good couple of hours of frustration on mine.  It shouldn't be that way.  It's an expensive tool, and it's supposed to last forever.  These are not wheels that usually have problems!
  2. Now that I am spinning again, I want to finish up the first half of a laceweight project that's been hanging over my head since the wheel problems began....and then maybe get a good start on the second half. 
  3. Hopefully, the needle I needed for my hap shawl (had to order one with a longer cable) will arrive today.  As soon as it arrives, I want to get back to work on my hap.  It's something I can finish up fairly quickly, and it's proving to be a very satisfying project. 
  4. I need to do several blog posts:  the sweater dilemma, Lisianthus FO, the vet visit, and maybe an allergy follow-up.  Since starting my Monday Lists up, I've been averaging three additional posts/week, and I'm very happy about that. 
  5. I'm working on tabulating hours and collecting names for my position as Building Volunteer Coordinator for the PTSO at our elementary school.  I'd like to get this done this week because as soon as I finish I'm officially done with the job for the year. 
  6. I have challenged myself to find a purpose for one of my three troublesome batches of yarn.  All three are things I let the owner of one of the yarn shops talk me into YEARS ago (pre-Tanith on two of them), and it's always bugged me that I couldn't figure out something to do with them.  Granted, part of the problem is that I lost my fondness for handpainted yarns a long while ago.  (Seriously...too much messy color for most projects, even if they are gorgeous in the skein.)  The batch I'm focusing on first is the 1,500 yards of Brooks Farm Duet I have in forest shades of green and gold. 
  7. I have also challenged myself for a return to the world of Estonian lace knitting.  I recently splurged on some Knit Picks Shadow (a great, basic, affordable lace yarn....not the best in the world, but very worthwhile), and it occurs to me that I want an Estonian shawl out of it - preferably a traditional square.  The question right now is, do I design my own or use one of the patterns I have?
You might have noticed that those last two items both are related to the stash knit down I mentioned this week in my stash toss posts.  I have decided that this is the year to get that pile of yarn worked down as much as possible...and I'm excited about what might happen!  The ideas are starting to come, and that's a good thing. 
Have a great week!

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