Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Monday....Wait A Minute!

 Fat Cat, Very Intent on Watching Birds


The thing is....not a whole lot got done last week.

or rather...not a whole lot from my official list got done last week.


My needle did arrive, so there was quite a bit of time spent on this: 
(which is much farther along now)
Given how many stitches are involved in each round, the work going into the Hap hasn't been insignificant, and I'm quite happy to report that it's a deeply, deeply satisfying project.
Most of the rest of my free time was spent working on editing my husband's novel.  That project had been on hold while I worked on his sweater, but I did promise him that once the sweater was done I'd get back to it.  My goal is to finish up the editing by the end of next week - which is doable at 2-3 chapters/day.  (It takes 30-60 minutes/chapter to do the editing work.  I'm a super mean editor.)
I'm going to carry last week's Monday List over through this week as well.
That's a plan!
Have a great week everyone!

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