Monday, March 23, 2015

The Monday List

Baby Cupid....his lovely markings pretty much sum up how I feel about spring on the farm.
It's Spring Break! 
For our family, that means springtime on the farm and LAMBING SEASON!!!! 
We're going to start clean with the Monday List today.  The last few weeks have seen lots of productivity...but little of it from the formal list.  That's totally ok with me.  As you know, this list is inspirational, not a set in stone/rigid list of Must Do's. 
What have I accomplished?  You might be wondering....
Well, I've done lots and lots of editing work on my husband's book, which is pretty darn time consuming.  I only have ten chapters left, so that particular project will hopefully be done pretty soon.  (He's doing his own initial edit on book two before handing it copy of book one was definitely a rough draft, and so needed some extra attention.)  I don't know that I'm going to say this job has been 'fun' - it's definitely fallen more into the 'work' category - but it has been rewarding, and I've enjoyed discussing it with my husband.  (Now that I'm sure my mean editing isn't going to end the marriage, that is!)
I also finished, as you know, the Woodland Hap shawl, and got started on my cardigan, and caught up on finished project blog posts. 
And that's pretty much all of the extra time that I've had...
So today I find myself camping out in my parents' screened in porch with my computer, some knitting books, multiple projects, and an afternoon of time.  Yay! 
Without further ado, here's my list for the week.  Bare in mind the fact that it is Spring Break, and I am not sure how much free time I'm actually going to have on my hands until the girls go back to school next week.  Could be iffy, so I'm going to try to keep it real:
  1. Finish center and start on stripes for the second hap shawl.
  2. Work cardigan top down to point where it joins in the round.  (There's a nutball part of myself that would love to finish this by Easter...but seriously, that's just NOT realistic unless I lock myself into a cave with knitting, audiobooks, and tea and do nothing else for the next two weeks.)
  3. Catch up on mini socks - I have two that need to be done.
  4. Make decisions and cast on for Estonian shawl of some sort.  (That's on tap for this afternoon!)
  5. Play with the lambs. 
  6. Play with the lambs some more.
  7. Sit in the barn quietly with the lambs....
  8. I have two letters to write!
  9. Journal, journal, journal.
  10. Get started on the online renewal class I'm taking.  Little bit behind because of Spring Break and my allergies...but needed right now!

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