Monday, February 23, 2015

The Monday List

Opal, demonstrating her love for the Feather and Fan/Old Shell afghan my Gram knit for me when I was in college.  If the afghan is on the bed, Opal is on the afghan.  
Also, she really is that fat.  Poor cat has starvation syndrome, and keeping her at a reasonable size is impossible.

Do you remember how we talked about the fact that these lists are aspirational?  That they aren't set in stone requirements because sometimes life happens?  Well, life happened again.  I came down with the flu - or something like it - last Monday after posting my list for the week.  Sigh.  The good news is that the worst of it only lasted 24-36 hours or so.  The bad news is...well, the bad news is that I've been sick for practically half the year so far, and I'm heartily sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Ah well.  I'm well now, and back up and about, and it's time to take a look at the Monday list.
Last week:
  1. I did get the gift in the mail
  2. I did start my new sweater - albeit, a tiny start
  3. I'm catching up on my letters today, and have given up on doubling the numbers...sigh.
  4. &
  5. Didn't happen.
  6. I AM back in 100% compliance.  I - ahem - decided I might as well take advantage of being sick, and so I used it as a springboard.  Go me! 
And, my plans for this week:
  1. This is the last week for the month of letters, and I want to go out in a blaze of glory!
  2. Goodreads update.  Seriously.
  3. Continue on with some serious pre-spring spring cleaning.  I've got the bug, and I want to take advantage of it.  I've started work on a room by room list.....
  4. Find my keys.  What?  This is a weird entry.  Yeah.  Two weeks ago on a Saturday I used my keys to move the car in and out of the garage so that my youngest could ride her bike.  The next morning I discovered they were missing when we tried to leave to go to church.  I've been using my husband's spare every since, and this is honest to God driving me crazy.  There are only so many places I put my keys.  The blasted things can't just vanish...can they?
  5. The car needs an oil change. 
  6. Also, now that Dad has officially and finally retired, the dog needs an appointment with our local vet. 
  7. My shoes died yesterday, which means I can no longer avoid having to buy new ones. The kid needs new jazz shoes, too. 
  8. This is really not a fun list so let's shake it up a bit...progress needs to be made on my sweater!
  9. And spinning!  Again!  (If I put it on the list often enough, eventually I'll do it.....)
  10. I find myself unwilling to put goals on my creative life this week.  That's an interesting place to be, so I shall honor it.  Instead, I'll leave this space to fill in for SOMETHING creative in the week to come....

Have a great week everyone!

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