Monday, February 2, 2015

The Monday List

Opal and I have been enjoying watching the birds.

Woo!  What a week! 

First and foremost, I am well again...and that's a huge, huge relief.  The shingles are gone (no pain or weirdness since mid-last week), my energy levels are coming up, and I'm feeling NORMAL again!  This is a very good thing, and I'm so happy to be back to real life. 

While I'm on the subject, I need to say a very big thank you to my husband, Sean, who's been amazing throughout all of this.  Thank you, dearest!  Love You!

Now let's take a looksee and see what I did last week:
  1. The ends are about half way done. 
  2. The labels went in this afternoon!
  3. I've not done any editing.  I've actually not done much in the way of reading for the last week.  Weird.
  4. Repair done!
  5. Special request all done except for the finish work!
  6. Gift project back in the active pile and seeing progress!
  7. Lots of work done on Lisianthus!  Enough to know I have enough yarn to finish....
  8. Journaling rebooted!
  9.'t be perfect.  My bad.
  10. Exercise sort of restarted.  Hit a bit of a wall.  Rest was needed. 
That's a pretty successful week in my book!

Without further ado, this week's goals:
  1. Finish Sean's sweater. 
  2. Back to editing for sure.
  3. Finish the gift project.
  4. Finish Lisianthus 
  5. Every February I do the Month of Letters, so I need to get to it!
So this is one of those crazy weeks where I just don't have much for the list.  There are lots of things I'd *like* to do, and other things I *need* to do...but really I just want to clear the decks so that I can see what happens next. 

Never fear, I've got some ideas....I'm just not sure I'm ready to share them just yet! 

You might notice, I haven't put any of my health goals on the list this week.  Yeah.  I know what I need to do, and I know I can actually pull it together now that I'm feeling a lot better.  (Funny how it's easier to do what's good for you when you are already feeling good.)  Not going to bore you all with the details all of the time! 

Have a good week everyone!

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