Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Great Stash Toss of 2015, part 1

OK, so compared with some people - a LOT of people - my stash is actually relatively small. 
Several years ago, being somewhat appalled by how much yarn was sitting around not being used, I stopped the random acquisition phase.  No more trips to the yarn shop for fun. No more bringing home something just because it was pretty.  No more sale yarn.  No more I might need this someday.  Nope, I made a decision to ONLY buy yarn that I needed for specific projects that I intended to start right away, and I've done a darn good job of sticking to that.
Which means that I often forget what's tucked away inside of my yarn cabinet.  (The old dresser that lived in the girls' nurseries.)
Which means that periodically I need to unpack everything, lay it out, and have a good, long look at what I've still got in there. (This is not as much fun as my old yarn naps - when the yarn lived under my bed and I would pull the bins out, open them up on top of the bed, and then take a wee nap with all of that possibility.  It's good for the soul.  and for the dreams.)
 The good news is that I long ago got rid of any superfluous yarn.  There's nothing left that I don't love, and that's a very good thing.
I thought you might like to see what's in there.  Maybe we should play a game of "How Much Can Kristin Knit Up in 2015?"  Could be fun!  Could make me crazy.  But it could be fun!
Ta Da:
 The sock yarn
The laceweights.
I've got ideas for some of it....Hmmmmm......
Tomorrow, the rest...including a massive pile of handspun which I have been avoiding for the most ridiculous reason of it being too nice to knit with.  (Silly me.)

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