Monday, January 26, 2015

The Monday List!

I wanted to share a favorite old picture of one of my orchids because it's getting ready to bloom again, and I'm very excited!  My orchids are thriving now that I've found them their ideal habitat in my home - my bathroom - and I believe this is the fourth time this one has flowered.
The truth?  Yeah...I was still sick for most of last week, so my list was once again not well attended to.  I am largely unconcerned about this...but I am also happy to say that I'm feeling a LOT better as of yesterday, so hopefully I'm now getting back to life as normal!
Briefly, last week I did finish rebuilding all of my playlists (so happy!), I finished the center of the Hap shawl, and I reluctantly began to deal with the tap and winter shoe problem.  Ugh.  That's it!  Oh, I did lots of other mom things, so it wasn't as lost of a week as the one prior...but I'm not going to bore you with any of that. 
This week's list:
  1. I actually started working on the yarn ends on my husband's sweater this AM.  Let's see if I can get it done before the weather gets cold enough (if it ever does) for him to want it!
  2. Speaking of my husband, I am going to sew labels on his sweaters this week.  He's been asking for years, but I've been lazy about it.  He wore one of them backwards to work last week.
  3. Also speaking of my husband, I did promise him that once I was finished with his sweater I would get back to editing his book. 
  4. Over the weekend I started working to do some repair work on a shawl that my BKB had started for herself.  As it turns out, lace is not her thing so I'm going to go ahead and finish it up. 
  5. Likewise, I have a special request....more on that later.  It's kind of exciting! 
  6. And...another gift project that took a backseat during the sweater knitting needs some attention.
  7. If - and this is a big if - I have some spare time I will be working on my Lisianthus shawl.  I need the needle to do the borders on the Hap.....
  8. Actually, my big task this week is going to be to figure out how to rebuild my journaling practice, which took a big hit this year because of my eldest child's super early school schedule.  I miss it, and I need it.  (And maybe I've decided what to do about the journal question....maybe.)
  9. This isn't so much a to-do item as a publically stated intention, but it's back to full compliance for foods for me as of today.
  10. Along with that, it's time to start rebuilding my exercise schedule post-illness.  Don't worry, I shall listen to my body.  Tired of feeling sluggish, though.

Have a great week everyone!

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