Monday, February 16, 2015

The Monday List

It snowed...I am happy.
This is me sitting by my window in my basement nook....such a gorgeous view, and such a perfect day to sit curled up in my favorite chair with a blanket, a mug of tea, and some knitting.
I'm going to apologize for not posting this last week.  I had a wonderful, but very busy week in which I finally caught up with everything that I'd fallen behind on and/or had been hanging over my head for a while.  At the same time, it was one of those crazy weeks with multiple appointments and an evolving family schedule.  Whew! 
So here's what I did and didn't do:
  1. The gift project is *almost* done.  I had a wee panic about the size....this is quite normal for me when doing this sort of project for something new.  It was enough to make me delay the finish a bit. 
  2. I didn't toss the stash as thoroughly as usual, but I did spend some time digging through my drawers.  I truly don't have as much on hand as I used to.
  3. The babies!  Oh, the babies!  I have some ideas now....
  4. Tanith picked out colors for her mittens, and loved that I let her pick anything she wanted from the Knit Picks Palette drawer.
  5. No
  6. I did start swatching!  Yay!  Age old problem...getting stitch/inch gauge, but row gauge is way off.  Making some decisions today.
  7. Did not order the Sunday knits yarn.  DID spend some time drooling over her patterns.  Part of the problem was that I couldn't decide which pattern I liked best.
  8. I have not started the shark hat. 
  9. Looking for that pattern this AM.
  10. Have pulled my lace books...but haven't sat with them yet.  I know which way I'm leaning, though.
  11. Haven't touched goodreads.  It's going to be a chore...I bought a ton of books for my birthday, and haven't touched it since October or November.  Sigh.  Delaying....
  12. I did journal!  Yay!  It's tough.  Our current school schedule makes it all but impossible for me to write first thing in the morning.  (I would have to get up between 4:30 and 5 to have the time.)  Still working on making this better for me, but I'm happy with the way it's moving. 

And for the coming week:
  1. The gift must be finished!
  2. I'm notorious for avoiding doing nice things for myself, so my new sweater MUST be put on the needles...the sooner the better. 
  3. I do need to catch up on a few of my Month of Letters letters...I gave myself an ambitious goal this year of two pieces of mail/day.  (The official goal is one piece/day that the post office is open.) 
  4. Shark hat?  Mittens?  One member of my family shall have their wishes fulfilled this week.  Probably the small one.  The big one just got an awesome sweater and can wait a small while.
  5. Spin something!  Seriously...this is ridiculous.
  6. Ahem...the rest of the Christmas decorations need to be put away.  Let that one sink in for a minute.
  7. The big thing for the week is that I will be officially going back to 100% compliance with my food allergy/AIP diet...and that's going to be quite a challenge.  Thus, it's going to be the last item on the list for today.  
Have a great week everyone!

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