Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Blessings!

  1. Surviving my first substitute teaching assignment with sanity and dignity intact.
  2. Even enjoying it!
  3. Having three great jobs lined up for this coming week.
  4. Neighbors who are willing to watch the girls for a bit in the morning and help them get on the that Sean and I can both work, but don't have to pay an arm and a leg for child care.
  5. Beautiful, beautiful weather
  6. Having been able to pay off all of our medical bills this week.
  7. New yoga pants...on sale!
  8. A growing puppy
  9. Speaking of the puppy....accident free days....promising a soon-to-be-fully-housetrained future!
  10. Patrick chocolate.  Have I said that before?
  11. Great kids.
  12. Discovering that I'm a great pre-teen Mom. (There have been stages that I've not been so good at...but it's good because Sean and I usually switch back and forth so they're all covered!)
  13. Getting that first official sermon under my belt.
  14. With a small, and very forgiving congregation.  Love you all!
  15. Handknit socks.  It's almost time to put them away for the year....but my oh my are the wonderful!
  16. The fact that my eldest child has blessedly normal feet, which are easy to buy shoes for!
  17. Zappos for my own hard to fit feet.
  18. Our hammock
  19. A new electric skillet
  20. Bacon
  21. Sean....just because...and always and forever.
  22. Good teachers...who've once again come to our rescue this week.
  24. That perfect professional outfit...which I may wear every single day to a bunch of different schools, but which makes me feel beautiful.
  25. Special time with my honorary niece and her angelic big sister.
  26. A very, very special gift.
  27. Houseplants!
  28. Books...lots and lots of books.
  29. Good pots and pans which are easy to clean.  Ridiculous thing to be happy about, but when you've had the opposite for as long as we did...
  30. Walks with the girls and the dog!


LeAnn said...

YOU are a blessing to many as well.

Lecia Phinney said...

Sounds like an amazing week! SO glad to hear about all this goodness. xoxo