Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Saving Sean's Socks

 Do you remember these?
They are Sean's beloved Space Invaders socks.....which I knit for him way back in 2007.
 After five years of love and wear - and one reknit of the toes - the bottoms looked like this.
 The heels were going.
 And the bottoms of both were completely shot.
 So I did what any good knitter would do....I took a sharp pair of scissors to the socks and cut the feet off, saving the good tops.
 After carefully frogging the legs back so that both were even, I put all of the stitches on needles and set it aside to wait until I had time to reknit the feet.
 Which I'm in the process of doing this week! 
Selfish knitting be darned....the husband needs his socks back!
 Instead of doing the original black stockinette feet with green toes and heels, I decided to do an entirely black foot with ribbing on the top for a better/more snug fit. 
I actually took this last sock pic a couple of days ago....and I should finish the second sock tomorrow.
Just in time for my husband to wear his socks to his Geekway event!
Happy husband!

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