Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Blessings

As you know, every so once in a while I get a bee in my bonnet to add a regular feature to the blog.  Some of them work better than others, and it's always a fun experiment.  I've had the sort of day that's run a wide variety of emotions - from pure contentment to the sort of rage that makes you shake from your tippie toes to the crown of your head.  In reflecting on all of that, I realized that the choice I want to make is to focus on the good....and thus, my Sunday Blessings feature was born.
  1. Spring weather
  2. and open windows
  3. Church
  4. Good friends with whom I can complain loudly about all manners of things - thus getting it off my chest so that I don't say anything later that I would come to regret.
  5. A silly five month old puppy who already weighs 40 lbs. 
  6. and the love he clearly shares with his two girls.
  7. A new flower bed next to the playhouse.
  8. Naps
  9. Excellent advice from trusted friends about the job I'm about to embark upon.
  10. Not being afraid (mostly) of the changes ahead.
  11. The opportunity to use that new job to explore future possibilities.
  12. Along with the sense (at long last) that I have possibilities that I might enjoy.
  13. Having the absolute perfect first day at work scheduled!
  14. My allergy drops.
  15. My status as honorary "Aunt Kristin", which gives me license to snag a gorgeous baby and take care of her all through church.
  16. The gaggle of little girls who gathered around that gorgeous baby...a garden of lovely flowers. 
  17. Period dramas on PBS
  18. Fitting into a gorgeous pair of grey wool slacks for the first time in years....and feeling amazing in them.
  19. Which means that I don't have to go spend money right away on a work wardrobe...which is a relief as we have other, more important things we need to do with my paycheck!
  20. Houseplants.
  21. Yarn and and potential.
  22. Peaceful rain
  23. Being able to repair my husband's favorite pair of socks.
  24. Patric dark chocolate
  25. Playful dogs...which are hilarious!

1 comment:

Shelda said...

Blessings are good, and I find it very helpful to focus on the positive, and the possible, and all that.

The afternoon was fun, and I was thrilled to get my clogs started.