Monday, April 8, 2013

A Bit Of A Pickle

My husband walked in on me as I was working on repairing a pair of his handknit socks.  "Weren't you supposed to be knitting for yourself this year?" he asked.
Why yes....yes I was.
However, there is a bit of a hitch with my plan for selfish knitting....You see, I'm actually losing weight right now at a slow but steady pace.  (Thank you very much allergy diet!  Perhaps more on that at a later date.)  As much as I am simply dying to start working on my wardrobe, I am a bit hesitant to put hours of work into something that may not fit for very long, thus wasting valuable time and resources.  I'm also not at all interested - having been there, done that - in knitting things in a smaller size that I may or may not be able to eventually wear because that's just too risky and heartbreaking.
So honestly, what's a girl to do? 
As I ponder that question (and please do feel free to share your opinions....I'm totally open right now to hearing what you have to say!) I thought I would share with you some of my favorite patterns.  Today I present five of my favorite cardigans.  Eve's Ribs is probably my favorite as it is very similar to a beloved store bought cardi which is on it's last legs.  Later this week I may present some pullovers and short sleeve/summer knits.
Without further ado.....

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