Friday, August 6, 2010


And just like that...our Internet connection came back. It's random, and who knows how long it'll stay while it's here I'm going to take advantage of it! I'm not normally a purple person, but when I saw this fiber on Etsy, I fell head over heals in love! It's 4 oz. of 60% merino, 40% bamboo in the colorway "Wineberry" by Cloudlover.
A note about my spinning....when I was young, I just spun whatever came naturally. When I bought me new wheel a couple of years ago, I started doing a lot of reading....which lead me to question my methods. Should I just go with the flow, or should I be counting the number of treadles/inch, measuring the twist angle, calculating grist..... You get the picture.
I asked my guild friends what they thought, and the overwhelming answer was, "It's supposed to be fun." SO, I go with the flow...and it makes for one happy knitter.
All that to say that I don't have Spin Off worthy details to share with you about my new yarn. I'll figure out the wraps per inch and yardage when I decide to knit it up. Until then, it's just pretty!
Sometimes, though, I do set out to intentionally spin something. That was the case when I began working with my very first silk from Chasing Rainbows. I only had 2 oz., so it had to go far! Laceweight it is.
Ultimately, I wound up buying a second hank of the sliver because I knew I was going to want MORE of the finished yarn. When the second hank arrived, the color was very different. (If you go back and look at the bobbins, you can see that one batch is warmer and the second is both quieter and more brassy) That was enough to put the project on hold for almost a year.
But I'm sooo glad now that I finished it!
The color is called "Starbirth" and if you saw it in person, you would understand. Gold, silvery-blue, teal's just perfect. (And very difficult to photograph!) Winding it off of the bobbin and onto the niddy knoddy proved to be a fascinating experience. In one direction, the yarn shone another it was turquoise. I can't wait to see what it does when knit up!

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