Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As most of you know, I have come to absolutely LOVE my corner in the basement. (My husband would like you all to know that he was right.) However, after just a week or so I knew that I needed to make a few changes. We have now hit my limit of how much stuff I can put there before it becomes too crowded for me...but
All of my knitting WIP's and soon to be WIP's are now in the storage bins that we took out of my daughter's room. This type of storage - while popular - proved to be completely ineffectual for a child, but works quite well for my knitting.
Likewise, the old, cheap, rather tired dresser that was in the Princess's room at one time (and has been living in my closet for a while now) is now residing in my corner. Would you believe that I was able to get ALL of my yarn into it?! That's right...I no longer have yarn scattered about in whatever crazy organizational method has stuck for the moment. (Including two under-bed plastic bins, four large baskets and whatever else I could find.....) The basket on the top left holds my handspun yarns, and the basket on the top right holds miscellaneous knitting tools. The toy chest - now that it's turned perpendicular from the wall - holds double duty by storing all of my spinning fiber and helping to further define the space as separate from the rest of the basement. (The old wheel on the far left has been appropriated by the Princess, and the basket on top of the chest holds her fiber. That basket, by the way, is from my parents' Haitian mission.)
And by the time this post goes live, all of the children's books and fairy tale anthologies held on the bookcase will be packed away and/or moved to the girls' rooms so that my knitting, spinning and craft books/magazines can all come and live with me in my corner. (Leaving the question of what to do with the barrister's bookcase in my bedroom that used to hold them.) There should also be room on the bottom of the bookshelf to hold my beading and embroidery boxes, which are both small.
Then, it will be perfect...or as close to it as I can manage!
Remaining in my bedroom will be the sewing desk and all fabric. There's just no way to get that down in this corner...and quite frankly I need better lighting when I sew than what is available in my basement. Besides, that's the one craft that doesn't NEED to be in close proximity to the rest of my stuff!


A Day That is Dessert said...

It sounds perfect!

EP said...

I can't believe you still have that basket...

Paula said...

It's great when you can repurpose furniture and love it in a new way. Your cozy corner looks fantastic. I can picture you spending many happy and creative hours there.

Shelda said...

It's looking good! I'm so glad you're happy there, and making it work for you. You deserve to feel at home in your own house!