Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Hello All!

It's that time of week again, and without further ado....
  • Tomorrow's knitting post will probably have all of my crafting audience laughing. You should. It is funny.
  • I do have two knitting things to share with you now.
  • The first is that both my father and my eldest child presented me with damaged socks this weekend - both completely dismayed and begging me for a repair job. Sorry Dad, your socks are toast. Princess, there may be hope....
  • The second thing relates to Dad's socks. They are made from Trekking's Natura line - a sock yarn which is comprised of both wool and bamboo. Dad's had this particular pair for probably a couple of years, and as he wears his socks constantly it's perhaps not that surprising that they developed massive holes just above the heel flap. EXCEPT....Dad was the happy recipient of my first pair of socks six years ago, and they are still in near-perfect condition. AND, Dad loves that first pair more than any of the others and given a choice he always picks them first. only conclusion is that the bamboo is a disastrous for durability in my socks. (This is incidentally not the first problem with this particular pair of socks. The cast on edge ripped last year.)
  • I had started another pair of socks for my husband...knitting them in the second skein of Natura that I bought back when it first arrived in my LYS. After seeing Dad's socks this weekend, I frogged it.
  • Poor hubby...I don't have any more husband-friendly sock yarns in my stash.
  • He should be somewhat mollified, though, as I fixed the hole in his space invaders socks this weekend.
  • Mom and I went to The Wooden Spool over the weekend, and I managed to stay away from the temptation of the fat quarters. I hate sewing...but I LOVE fat quarters!
  • I did get a piece of plain fabric to practice embroidery, though. That's exciting!
  • Mom helped me take apart the girls' Easter dresses this weekend, and she serged the edges of the skirts for me so that they will be better finished when I redo the dresses this week. She also picked up an extra piece of fabric at the Wooden Spool (Thank Goodness they still had some!) so that we could add to the Princess's skirt. Last year's version was almost too narrow for her to walk comfortably.
  • Along the way, I got a lot of - ahem - comments about my sewing skills.
  • What I would like to say about that is that sometimes a girl doesn't want to do something because that is her MOTHER's specialty and when the mother is so very good at it, she doesn't want to even remotely invite comparison or comment.
  • It also doesn't help when the mother had little to no interest in teaching her as a child.
  • I avoided cables for a very long time for the same reason. Mom was the queen of cables, and her fisherman's sweaters are unparalleled.
  • And is ok to not like every craft!
  • I'm completely excited about the remake of Clash of the Titans. The original was a very big deal to me when I was a kid...and this one looks way cool.
  • Am I the only one in the world, though, who is completely irritated by the 3-D revolution? Being somewhat prone to motion sickness in regular action movies anyway...and forget IMax....I'm afraid I would lose it if I went to a regular 3-D movie!
  • Back to the important stuff.
  • Spinning took a major hit during all of the craziness of the last several weeks. I'm sitting at the table next to my Tsunami and some silk and wool fiber, though, and the goal is to start this weekend.
  • Also taking a major exercise schedule (haven't been back since the disastrous attempt last week) and eating healthfully.
  • Rather than talking about all of that now, though, I think I should perhaps write another post this week about all of the things I've learned during this experience.
  • It's Spring Break! What the heck am I going to do with the kids all week!

That's it for now....

Have a great week everyone!


A Day That is Dessert said...

What ARE you going to do all week? We have spring break next week; Alexi has to work so we aren't traveling. I think I'm going to plan a series of day trips - we'll see...

fleegle said...

I hate bamboo. It's rayon. It's not eco-friendly. It has the same anti-bacterial properties as any other cellulose product, which is to say, nothing. It's hype. I want to do a blog post about it, but bamboo freaks would should me down.

So, your dad needs a pair of socks like Roy's!

Paula said...

I heard recently that bamboo does not wear well at all. So your deduction is validated.

You are so funny about the sewing and fat quarters. Fat quarters are so addictive. What is it about them?

I'm with you on the 3-D deal also. We had HD tv gratis for a while and both of us disliked it. It made us dizzy. And my husband is not prone to motion sickness as I am.