Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Meanderings

I've no pretty picture today...that makes me a bit sad.

Ah well, we're not really here for the pictures on Monday anyway!
  • Creative stuff first this week....that is why we are here after all!
  • Progress continues to be rather slow on all of my knitting projects. It's not so great for the blog, but slow and steady does win the race.
  • I'm super-happy with everything I have on the needles right now, though, and as I'm a process person I guess that's all that matters.
  • There will be more on my personal process later this week as it's been on my mind lately.
  • I've had my stash out for a couple of days, and I have to say that it's been fun. I love just looking at it....and resorting it....and petting the skeins....and dreaming up new ideas....and matching up projects...and napping with it....and...
  • One of the things I miss the most about having my own personal space is the freedom to spread out stuff without feeling guilty about it....and then leave it out as long as I want to. My husband has been pretty generous about it this week, but I know it drives him crazy when I don't put each and every thing away every night. It is, after all, OUR bedroom.
  • On the other hand, it is very important to my own creative process to be surrounded by my sources of inspiration. When my 'stuff' is spread out and - yes - messy, my mind goes free and I start dreaming up new ideas. When I have to put it away I feel a little bit sad and become a little bit too focused on 'getting things done.'
  • The crochet bug is really hitting hard. I think I'm going to have to go to the library for some how-to books. Any suggestions? I don't necessarily want this to be a big part of my craft life - but I would like a good working knowledge so that I have the option.
  • So here's the thing...I've been feeling lately like my creativity is rather closed off and limited. I'm feeling the need to break free of my restraints, but I'm not sure how just yet.
  • I'm thinking about putting my sewing machine away for a while. The only thing I have to do is my quilt.....and I might actually take that home and beg Mom to do it with me on her machine.
  • I really am not someone who loves to sew...but then you've heard me complain about that before.
  • Likewise, I HATE cooking. I've long known I wasn't fond of it, but this week I've come to realize how much I truly despise being responsible for feeding the family. It's not very womanly, but it is what it is.
  • Conversely, I love to bake...but that's not something I allow myself often anymore because it tends to get me in trouble.
  • Some really good news - we are planning some home improvements this spring which include a new floor for our kitchen. I'm really looking forward to the upgrade, although I freely admit that I'm doing so partially with an eye towards selling the place someday so that we can find our dream home. I see some paint coming up soon as well.
  • Hopefully these changes will make my house more of a home for me.
  • Life - and my body - might be smacking me upside the head right now. I'm going to have to go see the doctor today because of something that happened over the weekend, and I'm really nervous about it. I'm sorry if that's a bit murky, but it's all I'm ready to share.
  • My gut is telling me that my body is perhaps trying to get me to stop pushing so hard.
  • I think that the scales aren't moving because I'm pushing too hard. I know that doesn't make a whole lot of sense...but there it is.
  • There's a possible post on that one, too.
  • I did talk to the owner of our running store about my knees and shoes. The good news - my shoes will last a lot longer, she has faith that I'm going to easily accomplish my half based on my training schedule and she gave me some good advice. The bad news - my form needs work - the type of work that can't really be accomplished between now and April 11 - the concrete trail at my favorite park isn't helping, and I'm going to have to start icing my knees.
  • Down the road, I am planning on attending a running clinic...but I'm also planning on taking a bit of a break from running as my primary source of cardio.
  • My trainer and I are already talking about the next challenge. As part of that ongoing discussion, Meghan is encouraging me to try something that pushes my personal boundaries a bit...something that scares me a little. It's a good discussion.
  • I'm afraid of everything, and I would like to change that.

Have a great week everyone!


Jenn said...

Since I have the benefit of knowing some of the things you don't like, I'm going to make a suggestion...swimming! Easy on the knees! Just a thought!

Heidi said...

I saw the word "crochet" and zeroed in on it. :) I taught myself with this book: . I've also been watching some old episodes of Knit and Crochet Today that are pretty helpful.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Lots of interesting things to ponder here Kristen! Inspiring work spaces, taking on what scares us, what we do and don't love to do....

I hope you have a nice Tuesday. xoxox