Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weaving Classes

As the Green Woman and I prepare a trip down my own crafty memory lane, I thought I would show you the very beginning of what I hope will be a lifelong passion for my daughter. At the very least, I'm hoping it will be the beginning of a lifetime of trying new things...of experimenting with the unknown. Several weeks ago, I received an exciting email from my friend Jenny, who teaches the youth weaving classes at Access Arts. We'd been discussing the class for quite some time, as we'd also been discussing my crafty girl. (Who wants her own spinning wheel right now, by the way.) Jenny felt that she was ready based on our conversations, and wrote to let me know when the next session would start. I must admit to doing a bit of a jig when I got that email!
I've known for a long while that the Princess wanted to learn how to weave. We've been to several events over the last couple of years that have featured looms for children to try. Each time she would sit down with the teacher....and would have been there for hours if I'd let her. Unfortunately, weaving is just something I don't know anything about and can't help her with....thus my excitement about the class.
The Princess's weaving class is her first official extracurricular activity, and she was a bit nervous last week when I drove her to Access Arts for the first time. Jenny put her right at ease, though, and I left knowing she was in very good hands.
When I came back, though, I was confused because I didn't see her among the gaggle of excited kids putting their things away for the day. Jenny waved me back towards the hall, saying, "She's in the other room, working on a floor loom."
I had to laugh. She's definitely my child - going straight for the big challenge. When I asked her about it, she said that she liked the floor loom best because, "It's the easiest one because it has pedals and it's just my size!" (The fact that it was warped in pink probably also helped.) I was stunned to see that she'd managed about five inches in her first lesson. I was not surprised with the amount of concentration and patience she devoted to the project, nor was I surprised with how nice her weaving looked. She comes from a long line of women who very easily - and very quickly - pick up whatever handwork they want to try.
My Princess was very excited about going back today, and she's eagerly looking forward to the rest of her classes. She's working on a dish towel, which I really hope she decides to either keep for herself or give to me! (Honestly, it'll kill me if she gives it to any of her grandparents...)
After just two sessions, I think I can say that weaving classes are a huge success. She loves the closet full of colorful weaving yarns, and she loves the music Jenny plays for her while she's working. I know she's excited about the fact that she finally has a loom at her disposal...and a teacher who actually can help her with it. She's never been one to talk much about schoolwork, but she DOES like to talk about her weaving project. That's really exciting.
Today she asked if Dad could pick her up next week so that she could show him her weaving.
And this Mom's heart is very glad.


Anne said...

How WONDERFUL! I hope she continues to love it just that much. :)

Bonnie said...

How exciting! You or she should always keep that pink towel. What a great color to start her weaving career with!

valariebudayr said...

She looks like a natural and very happy sitting up there on that loom.

Jenny said...

I'm so happy that she's enjoying weaving class. She's very focused and has a great attention span. Watching such a young person take those first steps into the world of weaving is the best part of being a teacher.

And the music - if she develops an interest in the Irish/Celtic genre, you'll know why. ; )

Paula said...

Her sweet smile reflects her sense of accomplishment and love of the craft. How fortunate she is to have parents who nuture her gifts. And how fun for the parents in return!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Oh I love this :)