Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pride Goeth Before A Fall

I was going to have a fantastic post for you today....all about my most recently completed socks, which just so happen to be a rare case of Fancy in this household.

However, when I put them on yesterday I realized that I was going to have to completely rip out and redo the toe.


Because I didn't listen to the pattern, and put the toe decreases where I thought they should go. The pattern has clear instructions on how to center them, instructions which I felt were silly.

So when I put them on I discovered that the toe was skewed to the side, and really wasn't comfortable.

I also discovered that it was just a tad too short...despite my best measurements and several fittings.

SO, no Fancy Sock Post today.....

And by the way, to add insult to injury I actually wove in the ends as soon as I finished the socks....rather than waiting until their first official foray into the world. I did a really good job, and so it's going to be a trick to find them. Not to mention that I need a couple of extra rows worth of yarn now anyway.



Bonnie said...

I look forward to the Fancy Sock Post! (best wishes for fixing them)

Shelda said...

Oh, I SO hate it when that happens. I just redid a toe because I didn't read my own careful note that said to go down a needle size. And I had my ends all neatly woven in too. So I feel your pain!

Thank goodness that once all is said and done, I rarely remember how many times I knit the dog-gone socks!