Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dear Green Woman,

When I find you, I'm going to wring your neck.

I did not appreciate it when I walked into my room yesterday to find that you had emptied most of my yarn onto my bed. Ditto for the fact that you had emptied all of my lace books, the stack of patterns I'd been dreaming over, and most of my needles onto the bed as well. I lost a good two hours yesterday trying to put everything to rights!

Don't think I haven't noticed that suddenly there is no more room on my knitting bookshelf....and a pile of new knitting books that need to be put somewhere. You're not so sneaky as you think you are. What on earth am I going to do?

I also know that you're the one whispering into my eldest child's ear that it's time to go to the craft store. She's been asking for days now.

And by the way, we've had the sweater conversation a dozen times...I am quite simply NOT going to be making sweaters for a while because my body is changing too much to invest in that activity right now! So it did you no good to get out that particular pattern yesterday, despite the fact that you took pains to put it right where I'd notice it.

The pile of fiber on the chair by my spinning wheel was a nice touch....

Look, I know you are bored right now. We are in 'production' mode, working to finish up baby gifts and produce socks to keep the family warm this winter. It's hardly the most exciting knitting, but in many ways it is satisfying and I'd like to be able to finish what I've started in relative peace.

Your antics yesterday did, in fact, distract me long enough to prevent me from actually accomplishing a few things. I know that's why you've disappeared today.....and I'm just waiting to see what you do next. I know you too well to think that you've simply decided to give it a rest.

Would it help if I promised some crazy lace as soon as we finish up? Or perhaps if we started working on that design project? I've got some handspun drying....and we could knit it next?

I'm just asking for you to be patient.....



A Day That is Dessert said...


Bonnie said...

I love reading about the Green Woman's antics!

Anne said...

At least you've got a dialogue going. You might wish to stop up your ears and not listen, but something will make itself clear to you as the next path to take. (Me, personally, .... I'm voting for crazy lace.) :D

Paula said...

That first line cracked me up!