Thursday, September 17, 2009


One little lime BSJ has become two little lime BSJs....
And my goodness, they make me happy!

As I was starting the second little jacket, I received an email from my sister-in-law. She needed extra-special baby gifts for her best friends, who are having twins, and she wanted to commission some knit pieces. We corresponded for a while, as she answered my questions and told me about her friends. On my request, she also sent me a picture so that I could see the happy couple!
When that picture came up on my screen, I looked down at the little jacket that I was working on in my lap...and just like that, I knew that these two jackets were meant for this particular family. Everything about them - from color to style to the intent they were knitted with to the value of handmade - echoed what I was being told about the expectant couple. I also had the growing conviction that the two BSJs shouldn't be split up...they were intended for twins, even if I hadn't known that when I started.
It's happened before - I'll finish a shawl that I had begun for myself, and immediately will know that it belongs to someone else. I must say that after so many of these experiences, I do believe that sometimes my knitting calls to it's intended home, and so I trust the instinct when it comes. When it's right, it's right.
I'll make new BSJ's for the friends these pieces were originally intended softer colors that they will probably prefer. (The lime really was self-indulgent on my part when this began!) My sister in law and I have come to an agreement as far as payment - which includes an exchange of work as she'll do some of my beading for me.
I will post pictures when I finish the little jackets and their matching bonnets.
And when I send them off to my sister-in-law, this knitter's heart will be very glad.


Bonnie said...

You have excellent instincts - they are perfect for twins!

Shelda said...

I love how sometimes things just come together in unexpected and perfect ways!

Paula said...

Those are just perfect! I like the idea that they go together but are not matchy-matchy. And I totally agree that when our spirit is in tune with our hands, we will know what to do with it.

Jenny said...

They're so cute! The colors and striping remind me of Andes Mints.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love these! (Well photographed, too :)