Saturday, January 3, 2015

'Tis The Season!

For Resolutions, that is....resolutions and goals.

I debated whether or not I wanted to share mine with you, and in the end public accountability won out.  Fact of the matter is that it's easier to stick with resolutions and goals if you've made them known to your friends and family.   
  1. This might sound silly, but I resolve to actually USE my corner of the office in 2015.  The fact of the matter is that I've had  my space set up for quite some time now, but I only rarely use it.  Given that I've spent a lot of time lately working to make sure it's organized to my liking it would stand to reason that I would actually want to then spend time in it.  The only thing it's still lacking?  A door.  Some things we just can't do anything about.
  2. Design my own knitting projects.  I've been talking about it for forever.  I just need to get over my fear of failure and do it.
  3. Branch out a bit with my handwork/creative work.  I've got some ideas percolating.  It's hard to pull me away from the knitting, but there are other things I would like to do. 
  4. In 2014 I managed a 2 month period of 100% compliance on my allergy diet.  I will be working to get 3 full months before my next allergy appointment in April.  (I'm in process of getting back in compliance now by stepping down with a bit of dark chocolate to help manage the withdrawal symptoms.  I should be able to give that up in the next day or two.)  At this point, I'm not looking past that next appointment.  I think it's important to take life in smaller chunks when it comes to my allergy journey.
  5. Add strength training and yoga to my exercise schedule.  I'm super-proud of what I built in the second half of 2014 with my daily steps on the pedometer, running and tap dance.  These are the next logical steps.
  6. Get back to blogging on a regular basis.  Off to a good start with that!
  7. Rebuild my regular journaling practice and finish my project of revisiting all of my old journals.  I started reading them a couple of years ago, making notes on what is and isn't contained in their pages as I traveled back through time.  I stopped when I hit a particularly uncomfortable stage of my life.  (That might be one of the biggest understatements I've ever made.)  It's an important process, and one that I think holds some keys to my future.
  8. I've two major organization projects that I've been avoiding for a long time - our photos and our storage area.  They have to be done, it's as simple as that. 
  9. Reduce the distractions in my life.  Less TV, less mindless Internet time, etc.  I'm a very typical of the type of introvert who's brain is constantly on overdrive - I struggle to maintain focus at times, and I let myself be distracted by silly things.  If I'm ever to actually get things done, I need to learn to let go of the distractions.
  10. Learn something new.  I don't know what...but I'm thinking a new challenge would be a good thing.     
It is and it isn't a big list.  Notice that most of it actually builds on things I already do, and the rest is open ended enough as to not put a lot of pressure on me. 

It's going to be a great year! 

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