Friday, January 2, 2015

Knitter, Clothe Thyself

As I think my husband would really prefer that I stop wearing my favorite black sweater in public, and as my mother, in fact, gave me birthday money to replace it  (I don't know what's wrong with these may be well loved, but a few holes and a gazillion pills never hurt anyone.), I have decided to make 2015 -
drumroll, please....
I know, I know.  Shocking pronouncement from this particular knitter.
The truth is that all knitters have a crazy hang up somewhere.  Some of us fear lace. Some of us hate reading charts.  Some of us don't like certain fibers for whatever reason.  Ask around, and you will find that almost every knitter has something they don't like, won't do, or are terrified to try.
Knitting sweaters for myself.
(Is this a secret?  Probably not.)
There have been a few valiant attempts over the years, but none of them have ever turned out *quite* right.  Most of the time it's a fit issue, as in they just don't.  Once it was a style that was just flat out wrong - especially in the fiber I chose for the project.  A couple of times it's also been a style that just didn't end up looking as nice on me as I'd hoped.  (ahem...the sweater that is super cute on Mom, but ages me like you wouldn't believe!)
What's so crazy about this?  The simple fact that I can fit ANYONE else with sweaters that are gorgeous, sized to perfection and are shaped to flatter.
Me, not so much.
Clearly, this is a problem.
It's also a problem that really and truly needs to be solved - in part because it's a ridiculous problem to have, and in part because I have dozens of lovely sweater patterns picked out that I really would love to tackle.  My wardrobe isn't quite so desperate as it once was, but still.  An infusion of lovely handknit sweaters would make it pretty darn special.  (Seriously, several months ago I went through ALL of my knitting pattern books, and I have a five page list...and I haven't even gone through my magazines yet!)  Just thinking about the possibilities makes me smile!
Now comes the part where I stare at my knitting supplies with a fear in my eyes as I contemplate getting started.....
Suck it up, buttercup, you've got work to do.
We shall discuss later what my plans are to actually follow through on the sweater knitting this year....right now I kind of feel like lying down for a moment....

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