Monday, January 19, 2015

The Monday List

First up - a review of how I did on last week's list....or in this case, the list I made two weeks ago before I got sick and life went to heck for a while.

1. Knocked those phone calls out on the same day that I wrote the post.  Excellent.
2. As you know, the knitting of the sweater is done...
3. ...but I haven't yet started on the ends.  When I got sick (It's secret.) one of the things that happened was that my eyes became extremely light sensitive.  Unfortunately, my right eye was also affected, making close work pretty impossible. 
5.  I did blog about that new project, and I did play with it a bit.  No resolution yet, though.
10.  I did think about the yoga question a bit, and the answer is that it's just not time.  Maybe later.
11.  Most of the decorations were put away.  Those that remain usually stay up through the end of January.  I love my glitter balls so much they might stay up through February!
13.  I spent some time wondering if I really wanted to mess with it, or if I could live with new playlists.  Yeah, no.  I'm a creature of habit, and I wanted my playlists back.  I spent yesterday working on it.  I'm not in a huge hurry, so it could take some time.  (Big nerd alert...I keep my Glee music in playlists by year, and that's a major organizing job for this OCDish woman.  I also have playlists for all of my musicals...a LOT of musicals.)

Numbers that aren't listed can basically be considered victims of the shingles.  The less said about that the better.  I've done all of the complaining I really want to do, and as I'm recovering it doesn't really matter anyway!

So here is the plan for THIS week:
1.  Weave in the ends on Sean's sweater so that I can wash and block it and see what it looks like on my handsome husband. 
2.  Finish the middle of my Hap shawl and get it set up for the stripes.
3.  Finish at least the Glee playlists (I had some quiet time this morning while the rest of the family was in bed, so this is already done!  Yay me!)
4.  Back to tap tonight (yay!) so order possible new tap shoes.  I really MUST find something that fits better than the shoes I borrow from my daughter.
5.  Also deal with the winter shoe issue. 
6.  Thank you notes.  My daughters have done better than I this year.
7.  Update my Goodreads page...yikes.  I bought a lot of books in December....

You know...sometimes these lists are long, and sometimes these lists are short.  Having started out with a giant list, and then having had life throw me a curve ball, I think I'm inclined to keep it simple this week. I'm also aware that even though I'm feeling better I probably do need to take it somewhat easy until I'm back to 100%.  So...this is it for now!

Have a great week everyone!

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