Monday, January 5, 2015

Once Upon A Time....

I used to make these lists every Monday on the blog. 

They were super-fun, and I really enjoyed doing them.  They were never meant to be serious check-lists, but were aspirational in nature.  However, occasionally someone would indicate in the comments or through a private email that they were worried about the amount of stuff I was trying to get done, and so eventually I stopped doing them because I got the idea that I was stressing people out. 

Too bad, people!  They are back!

Ok, that was a bit snarky.  Truth is, I've missed my lists.  Not only were they always fun to write, but they helped to give a little bit of structure to the blog and to my creative life.  A big plus...they really enabled me to branch out and do other things. 

So I thought I would start 2015 by returning to the Monday List.  I took a moment to review a few of the older lists, and I think I'm going to stick with the format I was using in 2009 or so.  Basically, every Monday I'll start with a wrap-up of the items on the previous week's list, and then will write up my list for the week to come.  Please remember, it's just a list, and there's no do or die scenarios in which I will always have to accomplish every single item every single week.

 No stress people...I like lists!

Here goes!

  1. Phone calls...bunches of them....not creative, but things that HAVE to get done.  (No need to bore you with the details of those.) 
  2. Finish the knitting on Sean's Christmas sweater.  The yarn arrived on New Year's Eve!
  3. At the very least, get a start on weaving in the ends on said sweater.  The sooner it's done, the sooner I can get moving on other stuff. 
  4. I have a special project for which the primary materials should be arriving in the mail today.  It's a secret, and it'll be quick.  It gets my undivided attention when it arrives.
  5. Do some planning work on another new knitting project...which I will be introducing to you in the blog tomorrow!
  6. Speaking of which, at least 4 blog posts. I have mixed feelings about setting goals with the blog, so I'm going to try it for now.  Curiously enough, I seem to have ideas running over all of the sudden.  It feels like it used I just can't wait to share my creative life with the blog, and have to write NOW!!!!!  (The introduction into my life of a new laptop....which isn't high end by any means but which is considerably better than my old laptop, seems to have contributed greatly to my desire to write.  Friends, it has a touch screen.  I am in love.) 
  7. Purchase some cold-weather running gear.  Don't need much - and am not sure how much colder we'll be able to stand even with gear - but it's needed.  Probably will do that today.
  8. 3 runs
  9. 2 strength training sessions
  10. Face the yoga question.  I love yoga...but I had a bit of a panic attack in child's pose the last time I took a class, and it's got me spooked. 
  11. Put away the Christmas decorations
  12. Compile all genealogy info I have in my home.  I'm playing with now, and have a plan in my six month membership to do as much as is humanly possible.  I'm starting our tree from the it's both my family and Sean's family.  (I'd kind of forgotten how much fun this is.  I only signed up yesterday...and I could get lost in it!)
  13. Rebuild my playlists on iTunes.  It's the only thing that didn't transfer over to the new computer.  The music is all there, but the playlists aren't.  Most of it will be super-easy, if time-consuming. 
  14. Reboot my early morning meditative time.  It'll mean getting up at 5 AM...which will stink, but it'll be worth it.  I always did better when I had some time to myself before anyone else got up.
  15. Journal, journal, journal. 
That's it for now! 

Have a great week everyone!

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