Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Starborn Peacock

 This is a big deal, friends.
 Because not only did I knit this scarf....
 ...I knit it from handspun silk.
 The fiber is from Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks in the Starbirth colorway.
It's the first time I'd ever spun silk,
and I'm delighted with how the colors gently stripe in the finished project.
 The pattern is Nancy Bush's Peacock Tail and Leaf Scarf
from her beautiful book, Knitted Lace of Estonia.
I used an Addi Turbo, US 4 to do the work.
 I took my time....I started knitting it on June 23, 2012, and finished it on October 23 of this year.
I did the actual finish work just a few days ago.
It's lovely.


Carrie said...


Shelda said...

Indeed it is lovely! Congrats on finishing it. A milestone!

Angela said...

Breathlessly beautiful