Friday, December 27, 2013

A Christmas Trio Plus One

While I didn't push myself for a complete handmade Christmas this year, there were - quite naturally - a few lovely knit things under the tree, including a trio of handknit socks!
 As usual, all socks are knit with Ann Budd's Basic Sock pattern
from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns.
 Sean's socks were made from Ellen's Half Pint Farm Merino Sock...the ONLY skein I had left in my stash with sufficient yardage for his looooong feet.  They are his usual custom fit - 80 stitches, 2x2 ribbing, 78 rows in the leg and 60 rows in the foot.  December 8-13....which is super-fast!
 Totally cheated and gave Gillian my Lucy socks...which I knit for myself this fall.  Her feet are soooo close to my size, and she loves these colors.  I do too, but it saved a lot of time!
 Miss Tanith's socks are knit from Araucania Ranco Multi on size 2.25 mm needles.
December 2-7.
And a pair I knit for myself between Nov 1 and Dec 1....and totally forgot to post.
Typical Kristin Sock:
Zwerger Garn Opal Hundertwasser
Knit Picks Harmony 2.0 mm needles
76 stitches - 23 rib and 50 stockinette in leg, 60 stockinette in foot
I had to shorten the foot a couple of rows because my last two pair have been a smidge too long!

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Angela said...

Wow! These look great on. Hand knit socks in 5 days! Impressive.