Saturday, December 28, 2013

Taking Stock

Friends, I'm in a mood. 

I've decided I want to start 2014 with a clean slate...which means it's time to take a serious look at any and all unfinished projects, forgotten plans and general messes in my workbasket. 

Let's see what we have, and perhaps figure out what to do about some of it!

1.  A tiny trio:
the minis to match my three most recent pair of knit socks

 I did that today.  Yay!

2.  The Maia Mitts:
 They are now frogged.
The nutshell is that the pattern very clearly didn't work for my hands.  While I was able to figure out the details of how to fix the problem, I just didn't have any interest in completely redoing the mitts.

3.  Maia Shoulderette:
I didn't finish it off because I decided to wait until the mitts were done so that I could use up any leftover yarn in the wee shawl.  Now I have a decision to make.  With almost an entire skein now available, do I frog back the bottom portion of the shawl and add another repeat of the middle section to make it a bit bigger?  Or do I just cast the thing off so that I can move on?  Not sure yet.

4.  Tanith wants mittens.
Goodness help me, this is the leftover from the first hat kit (still haven't cracked open the second kit!) so I might as well make that happen.

5.  Mandala Shawl:
This one is the problematic one....but I'm pretty sure I know what I'm going to do.
The fact of the matter is that this is my third attempt at a pattern I really, really love...but wow, I just can't seem to finish it.  I worked through most of the pattern this time around, and then got stuck trying to figure out how much more to do so that I could make it as big as my ball of yarn would allow.  The fact that I never went back to it says something.  Generally speaking, if something has been sitting around for more than three months than it goes into the frog pond.
I'm thinking the yarn would make a lovely featherlight cardigan instead....
and I do need clothes considerably more than I need more shawls.

 6.  Cupcakes!
My cupcake kit has a ton of yarn left.
Make more cupcakes?  Or repurpose the yarn/pass it along to someone else?

7.  Kusha Kusha kit:
This will never be a Kusha Kusha scarf. 
I've had the kit for over three years, it's a basic pattern, and I've never made time for it.
I have an idea...for which this stainless steel yarn will be PERFECT.
Stay tuned....

8.  Quite some time ago I started working on my very own Pi shawl design.
The yarn is my very own handspun laceweight in a merino/tencel blend.
It's yummy...I need to get to work!

9.  Scrapbook Blanket:
Still needs to have about half of the ends woven in...and needs to have an edging added on.
I'm getting there.

10.  Bug Out! Socks.
They are so cool that I'm going to wait until they are finished to share a picture.
I want it to be a surprise!

11.  The Stash:
I've done a really, really good job of working with what I have for two years now rather than continuing to purchase new yarns.  I'm very pleased at the great dent that's been made in what I have, and I want to continue on with that!


Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Well, WOW, actually. I can't believe you DO so much stuff, and I'm in a position to know how gorgeous it is!

Kelley said...

Applause, applause!

First, for pulling out your UFOs for such a honest look at your pile.

Second, sharing it with us. I'm particularly impressed with your frogging of the mitts. Good job!

You must feel wonderful. That's the way to start the New Year!

Bonnie said...

I vote for the Pi Shawl moving to the top of the list! I'd love to see what you create, and I think bringing your own design into the world would be a beautiful and powerful way to start the new year.