Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear Baby,

I had an idea last night which involves you....
 You see, I am rather inbetween projects right now.  For the first time in a long while I find myself a bit adrift...not sure of what I would like to make.  It's a rather curious place for me to be.
At the same time, you are on my mind quite a bit.  In fact, you're just about all I've thought about for a week now....beautiful thing that you are!
Sweet baby girl, I am sooooo glad you are here!  You are so exactly what your parents and your big sister needed, and my oh my you are ever so perfect.  The angels knew what they were doing when they dreamed you into being.
But baby, you've been in the hospital for entirely too long...and while I want to make sure you are in tip top shape before you go home I really am anxious for you to leave.  You're soooo close to being able to go home so that you can be with your entire family....
I propose a bit of a race.
I started a lovely gift for you this morning - all in beautiful greens and blues, which for me are the colors of health and peace - and we shall see who 'finishes' first.  I'm going to knit like mad to see if I can finish this gift before you go home....
And this is one race I would love to lose.
With Love,
Your Honorary Aunt,

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Shelda said...

So sweet! I'll hope you lose too. But at least you'll have your knitting to keep it going, with love in every stitch.

And those stitch markers rock!