Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Year of Creating Selfishly

I sat down the other day and took a good, hard look at my Ravelry projects page.  It had occurred to me that there was an odd trend in 2012, and I wanted to confirm that fact. 
The facts:

I completed 27 projects last year...which is right on track with my annual average. 

My projects showed a very normal range of work for me - from lace to colorwork to toys -  They included:
    4 American Girl Doll outfits
    2 stranded hats
    2 pair of mittens
    3 baby gifts
    6 pair of socks
    3 adult garments
So what was I looking for?  What's so unusual about that?
In 2013, I only knit 3 things for myself....3 lace shawls (which did include the Princess) which are too fine for everyday wear, and which have been carefully packed away for special occasions.
That's right, 89% of the projects I made last year were gifts for other people.
Now, I LOVE to gift people with my knitting.  I love the fact that my friends and family truly appreciate the things I make!  It was, after all, our plan to give homemade Christmas gifts last year, which did skew the list more towards gifts than it normally would be.  I don't begrudge a single, fabulous, enjoyable minute that I put into  making those gifts.  In fact, I enjoyed it!
That doesn't mean, though, that I want to repeat the trend this year.
In fact, I am rather inclined to be selfish this turn that percentage the other way.
So I'm going to make a bold proposal.  2013 shall be the Year of Creating Selfishly.  With very few exceptions, all of my knitting and spinning this year will be dedicated to myself. 
This goes along quite nicely with my plan to Stop Looking Like a Hobo as what I would like to do is to create actual garments to improve my wardrobe.  After all, my husband now has a closet full of gorgeous handknit sweaters, and surely I deserve the same!  With what I have - and what I've fallen in love with again - I could easily put 4-7 garments into my closet without having to spend a dime.  Sounds good, doesn't it?!
Perhaps I'll do a post later this week with a few of the actual ideas I have....
This is going to be fun.

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Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

Looking forward to seeing more of you taking care of you! (And I love my scarf, it's absolutely stunning!)