Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Completely Biased Review

When I was in the sixth grade, my parents gave me a West Highland White terrier for Christmas, thanks in no small part to a very intelligent letter that I wrote to them.  BB was - quite simply and truthfully - the best dog that ever was, and as a result I still adore Westies.
I was therefor delighted when my friends Brian and Kristy Miller published a children's book, Wick Is A Good Boy!, about a Westie! 
I'm not going to give too much away - because I think all of you who have small children should buy your own copy - but I will tell you that the illustrations are delightful, it won the mommy award by making me laugh out loud on one page, and both girls* gave it thumbs up.  In fact, Tanith requested Wick for her bedtime book last night! 
I'll be honest, Brian and Kristy are already somewhat legendary in my home.  My girls think it's super-cool that Mommy knows an artist, and I think it's super-cool that one of my oldest and dearest friends has found success by doing what he loves with a wife who is a perfect match for him both professionally and personally.  I'm always happy to support them both in whatever way I can, and I hope they have the opportunity to continue writing of Wick's adventures!
*I had super-early readers in my house, so technically the book is a bit young for my girls, but they do still love it.  It's listed as p-2, but I think it fits better for the toddler - k age range.  It would, in fact, be an excellent practice book for kids learning to read.

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