Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Brain Fog

I had my mom snap this picture for me at church a week and a half ago to celebrate one of my oldest friendships - Megan and I grew up in church together - and all of our wonderful children.  Her twins are 5 months old, and it was a joy to spend time with them!

Being in a state of flux is not fun.
Having to make decisions which are easy for normal people but extremely difficult for introverts like me is not fun.
Neither of which lends towards a very interesting me.
Which is to say that I've not been blogging because I've been wrestling with some baggage that I didn't want to spill over into happy blog land.  I work to censor myself somewhat, being very aware of the nature of Internet communications and the assumptions we all draw from it, and so there are just times when I'm going to be quiet.
What I will say is that there are times when my introverted nature tends to cripple me....and the last week or so has been one of those times.
Irregardless, I have worked too hard for the last few years to let a bad week take the stuffing out of me, so today I'm pulling myself up by my bootstraps and am getting back to business.

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Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

I am SO sorry being an introvert causes you problems, sweetie. It only does me, when I have to be with lots of people. *Ahem.* :-D

But for the most part, you know, I think it's just fine. I like it. Don't be too hard on yourself?