Saturday, September 22, 2012

How To Make A Sweater

The yarn:  from bottom to top - Zeke, Willow, Katrina, Zeke, Danette, Danette, the four sheep who formed the foundation of our flock of Jacobs.
Sheared in May of 2011
Processed in April of 2011
Spun May and June of 2011
The pattern:  Jared Flood's Cobblestone Pullover, perfect for displaying rustic yarns
US 7 needles, Knit September 4 - 20, 2012
The model:  My Dad, who promised me sheep when I was a little girl, who made good on the promise two years ago, and who requested the first sweater from our wool. 
He thinks I'm a genius.


Shelda said...

You are a genius! And you persevere! I can only imagine how proud and pleased you are to have this done, done, done!

margene said...

Yes, you are a genius!! The amount of work you put into creating a sweater like this is truly a labor of love! It's fabulous!!