Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summertime Plans

Kristin's hens 'n chicks v. the squirrels, Summer 2012 edition, is officially ON.
I will win this year.....

With only two days left in the school year, I thought I would share with you some of our summer plans!
  • The girls and I are going to go to Reunion this summer.  For those of you who don't belong to our denomination, Reunion is basically a week long church camp.  Sean can't join us as he has to work, and this is the first year I've really felt it was doable on my own.  The girls are super-excited!  Reunion was always a big deal when I was a child, and I'm looking forward to sharing the fun with my girls.
  • Of course, we will be signing up for Summer Reading at the library just as soon as the program starts.  It is ALWAYS a highlight, even though my girls usually finish it way ahead of schedule.  We'll be making weekly trips to the library along with.
  • I've also scheduled the girls for Vacation Bible School at a friend's church this summer.  Unfortunately, our congregation just isn't big enough to throw a week-long event of the sort I experienced as a child....which is why it's so wonderful that we have access to this particular VBS.  We missed last year, and the girls are still annoyed with me for that!
  • I will be getting back into my exercise schedule....and will be bribing the kids into the playroom with promises of the pool afterwords.  Thank you FIT and the MAC!
  • Also, the girls will have swim lessons at some point.  Not sure when, though.....
  • My parents are already scheming to abduct my girls for weeks on end, and I'm going to let them do it because.....
  • I have a fair amount of stuff I'd like to do without the girls around.  For example, it's time to clean out our storage area again (I'm in the mood to purge.) and I really need to get serious about painting a couple of rooms.
  • Summer is when I spin....and look for a picture tomorrow of what I'll be working on this year.  It makes me giddy just to think about it!
  • I'm also going to get the sewing back out for another crack at it.  I did buy fabric last year for a couple of bags that I really want. This is another of those things that it's best to do when the girls aren't around.
  • Along with my own crafting, I'm also thinking about developing a few projects for the girls this summer.  Beading and embroidery are pretty high on the list of ideas as they both love those things.
So what do you have planned for the summer?


hlmauera said...

Hello Kristin, from another Kristin. I've been following your blog off of Ravelry for quite a while. I love hearing about what you are doing. I wonder if anyone else feels like a stalker when they do that?

For me, summer is like every other season. I don't have children so I'm free all year long to do what I want but it also means I'm the sole responsible party for everything that has to be done. I work a job that is 8-5 M-F but I have an hour commute each way, free time is rather sparse after I do all the usual housekeeping things.

I plan to get together to go camping with my brother, sister, their families, and my parents at sometime during the summer but getting that many busy schedules together at the same time is a challenge.

We also have a church convention that I will go to in August with my parents and my brother and SIL as well as many other good friends/family.

I have yarn for umpteen shawls and I have yet to finish anything for myself in this year that I declared for selfish knitting (I have however finished 5 pairs of fingerless mitts, two scarfs, and two baby kimonos). The good news is I finally started something for me- I'm working on Color affection. I have two sets of yarn for this pattern so I may end up doing two in a row. It will add some color to my wardrobe. I have yarn for Fiori di Sole, Garden Pond, Panache, Revontuli, Citron, Wingspan, Volna, Pretty as a Peacock, Jaali, and Ice queen. I have no idea what I'll start when I finish the color affliction.

Summer also means a few medieval reenactment events with the Society for Creative Anachronisms. This weekend is the official start of that for me but I may only catch one or two more events this summer. Life responsibilities tends to interfere with such events.

So, that's more than you ever needed to know but you seem so interested in others, and I have been lurking about listening to you; turn about is fair play, I think.


Lecia said...

I love planning, and hearing about other people's plans...