Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Return Of The Blanket

For quite some time I've had trouble with the blanket.  I would pick it up, and would immediately get tied in knots over color placement.  This is NOT what was supposed to happen.  In fact, I took a lot of gentle ribbing at my April guild meeting over how much I was fussing over something that was supposed to be random and easy.  Squares which should have taken fifteen or twenty minutes were taking an hour because I was worrying so much about which color went where.

Not good, and not fun.

I believe now that the problem was not with the blanket....but with the fact that I was also working on the Princess.  The two projects are polar opposites - highly detailed, fine lacework in white on one end and garter stitch with random colors on the other.  The attention to detail so very necessary to one was spilling over to the other in unhealthy ways.  Rather than complimenting each other nicely (I had hoped that one would provide a fun break from the other and vise verse.), the Princess took over and the blanket ground to a painful halt.

But then I finished the Princess.

As you can imagine, though, I've been rather adrift since that great beast of a shawl came off of the needles.  I worked for a bit on an unfinished project...but I wasn't happy with that work.  Nothing felt right, and - contrary to what I said a week or two ago - my creative juices seemed to have dried up and left me entirely.

Until today.

Today I pulled out the blanket and set to work again....

and just like magic it was easy and fun, just as it should be.

PS.  I promised the guild that I would present the finished Princess next month.  So never fear, it won't be in its current resting place for long.


Bonnie said...

Yay! Welcome back, beautiful blanket!

Kelley said...

Sorry, I got distracted by the random yarn ball photos! :)

Glad to here you are working on the blanket. A nice change from the Princess

Lecia said...

Love the yarn balls :)