Monday, May 14, 2012


I've had Opal for over a year, and she still runs like crazy when I get out the camera.  She was distracted, though, last night by trying to figure out how to move from the basket to my lap....and I was lucky enough to have the camera sitting on the table right beside me.

At last!  A great picture of all of my yarn balls for the blanket.  The bag that you see in the back is a bag of doubles and/or colors so similar as to not quite count as an individual ball.  This is by no means representative of all of the colors that have gone into my blanket as there have been many that I only had enough of for one or two squares, or that have already been used up entirely.  It would have been fun to have kept count of the individual yarns...but then that would have gone contrary to the purpose of the blanket!

Um....I thought I had more to say, but find that I'm pretty happy with this post as is!

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Lecia said...

I love you, Opal.