Friday, May 11, 2012


I am quite happy to report that as of this morning I now have scrap yarn from ALL of my knitting friends in the Columbia Weavers and Spinners Guild.

My collection of CWSG yarn was completed when I stopped by True Blue Fiber Friends this morning to pick up a skein of yarn for a gift.  When I happened to mention to owner and friend Bex that I was working on my blanket again she asked if I would like some more scraps. 

Would I ever?!?!?!

Bex uses her sock yarn scraps for some of her own projects, but she offered to let me chose from her bag of leftovers.  I selected three - two because they reminded me of her (the blue and purple) and one just because it made me happy.  Believe me when I say that this gift made my day!  It means rather a lot to me that everyone is now represented.

As always, I want to share just a few thoughts about Bex.  (I have so much fun looking back at these posts, and am glad I do one for each and every person who's gifted my blanket!)  In my own mind, Bex has two very important talents.  First, she tends to recognize each of her friend/customer's strengths in the world of fiber arts, and is good at encouraging those strengths.  It is she, after all, who suggested my first ever lace shawl.  Second, she happens to have a knack for matching up friends, and is directly responsible for the fact that my BKB and I have each other!\

So thank you Bex!  The yarn is already in my blanket....