Wednesday, April 4, 2012

They DO Exist

 This is my husband's aunt's beautiful home.
 This is the watering hole that she and her husband built in the circle of the drive in front of their house.  It's probably not even 15 feet from the front door.
 And these....these are the javelinas I've been waiting almost 15 years to see!
 I've heard stories of them since my first visit to meet Sean's family.
 Everyone swore they were as common as dirt and appeared frequently.
 But they never appeared when I was there....
and in fact were hiding the day we went to the Desert Museum.
 As our plane took off the other day, I said a little prayer.
 Dear Uncle Joe, Wherever you are now, please send me a javelina.  Thank You.
 I put a plea to the javelinas up on my FB page, threatening to forever believe they were a hoax created by the people of Arizona if they didn't show.
 Then we waited...and carefully put out every food scrap we generated.
 We'll thank the Methodist women for the four bags of wilty lettuce they sent home with us after the funeral and reception because...
 The last day of our visit, with the lettuce strewn accross the watering hole...
They appeared.

And I love them more than I can possibly say!


Bonnie said...

Very cool! I'd never heard of them until now.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love them, too!