Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Could Have Been Doing

Two weeks ago I had my first-ever gallbladder attack.  Not fun, certainly, but all things considered it really wasn't that bad.  (This would be one of those things I didn't want to gripe about on the blog.)  In fact, the running joke has been that the sleepless night was considerably harder on me than the actual pain from the attack.  (True story....I am too old for all-nighters!)  Those of you who've had gallbladder issues will not be surprised to hear that after a rather long day in Urgent Care I was sent for a surgical consult and a gallbladder removal was scheduled for March 21st.

But then I took a breath, did some research, asked around for friends and family to share their experiences, and decided that surgery at this point was premature.  I then promptly forgot about the whole thing until this afternoon when I realized what today was supposed to have been.

So, today I COULD have been in surgery. 

  • Went to the gym with a friend so that we could reacquaint ourselves with strength training and learn our way around a new facility.
  • Took a brief nap.
  • Cleaned out my closet.
  • Talked on the phone with my BKB.
  • Played with a baby. 
  • Worked on the Princess shawl while drinking tea and listening to Anna Karenina. 
  • Aired out the house (Much to my allergist's dismay.  Totally worth the headache!)
  • Enjoyed birdsong and rainfall.
  • Kicked off Spring Cleaning with the girls. 
  • Bought daffodils for my husband...a spring tradition of ours.
  • Made arrangements for a Spring Break outing with my grandmother.
  • Shared carrots and hummus with the dogs.
  • Ordered some half-price sock yarn.
  • and Appreciated the fact that I was home and in peace instead of at the hospital!
Yep, It was a GREAT decision.

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A Day That is Dessert said...

So sorry you've had these health troubles. I'm glad you had such a nice day instead of being in surgery. xo