Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Long-Suffering But Soon To Be Happy Handspun

It was really too hot to do much spinning this summer,
but in rare moments I did manage to spin up this fine yarn:
The fiber is a 70% Shetland Wool / 30% silk combo...and yes that is a very strange blend.
I purchased it on Etsy from The Thylacine as two 100g braids.
The color is called Weilangta Forest.  I am a sucker for you know.

It was not actually the most pleasant yarn to spin...again it was a very odd blend, one which I will never buy again.  I adore both fibers, and wool/silk blends, and so I thought this would be fun to try.  Shetland is just far to sticky and textured to blend with silk, though, and that made it difficult to work with.  The end result is interesting - matte with a subtle sheen.  As you would expect, it has the 'scratchier' feel of Shetland.

The fun is that I already know what I want to make from it!  Stay tuned this week...I have a feeling I will cast on very, very soon as part of a greater plan to begin working with my handspun more often!


Shelda said...

It's gorgeous! Can't wait to see what it becomes.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Looking forward to seeing the end result!