Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quietly Resting

The quality of the pictures on my phone is dubious (very low pixels)...but I love being able to capture images like this one on the spur of a moment!

  • It's been a long couple of weeks, culminating in a diagnosis of pneumonia for my eldest last night in a pediatric Urgent Care.

  • She's not on death's door by any means, but she's exhausted all of the time, and feels weak and out of sorts....all of that with a persistent low-grade fever and a really bad cough and a crazy weight-loss for a little girl.

  • The knife's blade I found myself balanced on last night was the antibiotic question. She just completed her first-ever course of antibiotics for what we thought (and could have been) was a sinus infection. That's right...8 and a half years old when she had her first antibiotics. I firmly believe they are over-perscribed for things they don't help, and I think it's best to let the body heal itself most of the time. Anyway, without any way to tell whether or not the pneumonia is viral or bacterial the doc put her on a second round of antibiotics 'to be on the safe side.'

  • What to do....what to do....

  • She's taking the meds.

  • Normally, I'm very relaxed about my kids' illnesses. This is literally the first time I've EVER taken a child to the doctor for anything other than a routine check-up.

  • This one has been different, and from day one I've been worried. My gut says give her the meds this time, and so I am.

  • In the meantime, I'm keeping her home today and tomorrow to rest. I sent her to school last week, and now regret the decision given how exhausted she was in the evenings and the fact that this hasn't cleared up yet. (She stayed home the Thurs. and Fri. of the week before when this all started.)

  • And I will be honest....I am enjoying all of the one-on-one time with her.

  • I'm also enjoying the "Mommy, I need you" calls and the extra snuggles from my independent kid who normally is a daddy's girl.

  • I'm selfish that way.

  • So this is part of why the posts have been rather impersonal as of late.

Good news:

  • My youngest has happily adjusted to school at long last.

  • Just this morning she said, "Mom, I'm used to school now."

  • She plays school in her room all of the time, and reads to her Guinea Pig constantly.

  • I am greatly relieved, and VERY happy about this development!

I've only 30 minutes left until my extra kids get here, so I need to get moving.

Love to you all!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

LOVE your new look!

SO sorry to hear about the hospital visit/illness; glad to hear she's on the mend - and that you're getting some nice one on one time.

And, good news about school...it takes a while for all of us, I think.