Monday, September 6, 2010

Why Yes, It Is Tuesday!

My girls ... sisters and best friends, whether or not they know that yet.

  • I'm thoroughly glad that today is over.
  • And yesterday....
  • We did not have the normal distinction known as a 'restful night' to separate the two, thanks to some sort of nasty tummy bug that hit the Princess in the wee hours.
  • Poor kid.
  • Poor parents!
  • The good news - neither she nor I (because of course I had it, too...although mine was less dramatic in the tummy department) ever had a fever of more than 99.5. SO, with a good night's sleep, the Princess can happily go back to school tomorrow.
  • The bad news - Our Pixie was not at all happy about being the only energetic one in the house.
  • The good news - Sean had today off, so he distracted the Pixie for a while, giving me a two hour nap.
  • The bad news - I may have to skip Boot Camp tomorrow. I really, REALLY don't have time to be seriously ill, and I don't think I'd better push it.
  • More good news - Cupcake and The Boy are parented by one awesome Mom, who didn't even flinch when I called this morning...and who was more concerned with my child this evening when she called than she was about who would be watching her kids tomorrow.
  • Moving on.
  • Near Solstice is flying along now! I'm at row 391/597 as of sitting down to write this post - and I fully expect to get another 10-20 rows done tonight. If I keep this up, I *might* be able to take it to my guild meeting....
  • What I should be working on is a baby gift. I seem to be having some issues with decision making on this one, though. (Unusual for me.....)
  • As I know for a fact that the Mom has peeked in on the blog at least once, you will not hear another peep out of me on that subject until after the shower.
  • Also finished are the merino/tencel singles. I took my spinning wheel with me to my parents' home over the weekend, and that turned out to be a wise decision.
  • I already have my next spinning project selected...the only thing that remains to be decided is whether or not I'll be a good girl and ply my singles first.
  • I'm leaning towards NOT.
  • I set a new personal best for myself at Watkins Mill on Sunday, running two laps around the lake (7.6 miles total) in 1:41:05. Yay me!
  • I've actually run 7.5 miles faster - but that was just prior to the surgery during my half-marathon training...and it was also on a somewhat easier course. I've only run at Watkins Mill one other time this year (thanks to the surgery and the weather), and that run was pretty darn awful.
  • Ergo, my time on Sunday not only sets a new personal best, but it also represents the fact that my ability to do cardio has finally, FINALLY come back.
  • I guess when my doctor said six months...she really meant it!
  • The run also has implications for the near future - One, that I'll easily be able to complete my 10K, and Two, that I may even be able to finish it faster than last year as I had set my previous personal best about three weeks before that race. Yay me!
  • I'm going to attend a running workshop this weekend. I know that I need to correct a few things so that I can continue on with this sport. Also, my knees aren't happy with me, and that definitely needs to be addressed.
  • Ooohhh!!!! I also had a magnificent 9.5 mile bike ride on the MKT trail on Friday!
  • According to my Boot Camp leader, I was supposed to be in a yoga class...but the weather was far too nice for that!
  • Seriously, who on earth would have skipped the opportunity to be outside on such a glorious day!?
  • I Love my bike...and there was a time when I never thought I would ever say such a thing.
  • I hope to fit in one good ride/week - both for fun and to add variety to my workout life.
  • We're not discussing food this week.
  • I'm still processing.
  • The geriatric pets are showing their age. I'm concerned about the winter.
  • The children insist on growing.
  • My brother was just in Seattle on business, and I was jealous.
  • My dad turned 64 this weekend.
  • My mother proved to be a force to be reckoned with in court last week, apparently quite effectively taking apart some big wigs that thought they could run all over her. Kudos, Mom, for standing up for what was right and for doing such an incredible job!
  • My Gram made an incredible pie for Dad's birthday, and once again spoiled my girls rotten.
  • My husband...well, he's just a pretty great guy.
  • And that is all.

Have a great week everyone!


A Day That is Dessert said...

Why didn't you come with your brother?? Next time I expect you to stow away in his suitcase.

So sorry to hear about your rough bout - hoping everyone is completely over it soon.

Happy birthday to your dad! And your mom (not surprisingly) sounds awesome.


Paula said...

So sweet to see the girls with their Carmens! Your labors of love! ;)